How about an app to rock your socks off? Garage48 Tallinn Music 2013 is looking for talented people to create kick-ass music and entertainment products in one weekend

Garage48 rpck

Garage48 Tallinn Music 2013 takes place for the second time at Technopolis Ülemiste in Tallinn, Estonia March 22-24 to bring together different people to develop kick-ass web and mobile based music and entertainment products. We expect many talented people, a lot of creative ideas, unique vibe and provide great mentors like exfm founder and CEO Dan Kantor (formerly in AOL Music and Yahoo) and exfm CTO Lucas Hrabovsky. Five best teams will have the chance to pitch their idea at Tallinn Music Week Conference and two to participate at world-famous MIT Global Startup Workshop. Registration ends on 19th March, so be quick! Find out more: info|garage48|org