Первое забавное, передаю как просили:

1. FusionOne
В FusionOne нужны программисты и тестеры — Java, C++.
Обращаться по адресу vrootАТfusionone.ee к Виктории Роот. Но при этом надо сказать, что вы от Инны Куфельд.

Так и быть, про меня и дев-клаб можете ничего не говорить 🙂

2. HireRight
HireRight opens the cofiguration manager position.

Job Description:

Installs and administers independently operational systems
Implements software or hardware for a large number of users and/or an information system of critical load.
Solves complicated hard- and software-related problems, analyses the reasons and recommends solutions.
Consults internal clients and recommends software solutions for specific business issues. Participates in negotiations with suppliers (discounts, delivery, etc.), monitors the performance of contracts.
Manages short-term system installation-, upgrade- or administration-related projects.

Required Skills Include:

Required work experience: at least 3 years in the field, expertise in non-standard solutions of systems administration and/or client support
Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field

Обращаться к asolntsevАДhireright.ee