IT-встречи в Таллине (на русском)

Метка: spring

Дмитрий Буздин — Modern Security with OAuth 2.0, JWT and Spring

Microcom Software — Senior Java Developer/Analyst, Web Developer

Microcom Software is a global software development company that for the past 9 years has earned a solid reputation for satisfying the most demanding technical needs of software companies in US and Europe. Our clients include such companies as GXS, Symantec, Adobe and many others. We are large enough to satisfy your needs for complex projects, yet small and flexible enough to precisely meet all your demands.

We develop and support various enterprise projects for one of the worldwide known leaders in B2B integration and encourage you to take part in this using and building your experience.
Microcom Software looking for experienced and talented Java developers who wish to become members of our development team.

Core Spring in Tallinn

1-4 февраля 2011 в Таллине будет проводиться Core Spring тренинг:

Я в своё время на такой тренинг ездил в Амстердам, и это было очень полезно. Если фирма денег не пожалеет, будете знать спринг как свои 5 пальцев 🙂 Spring MVC, Spring AOP,  JDBC, ORM, Hibernate, Spring JMS, Spring JMX и т.д. и т.п.

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