IT-встречи в Таллине (на русском)

Требуется много хороших людей

Поскольку сам я нашел рабочее место, то могу без проблем помочь тем, кто в поисках. Тем более, голос Анны Бойко, которая занимается набором, уж больно приятен на слух. Итак, многим известная фирма Playtech ищет работников:

1) Database Developer (AEGIS)
Job description:
• Responsible for developing the database solutions (in MS SQL, PL/SQL and other languages, if necessary), designing the database and performing the initial testing of the solutions.
• Experience with large or very large databases;
• Basic knowledge of standard disk-based (block-based) RDMS structures and internals;
• Query optimization skills;
• Good English (both oral and written).

2) Technical Support Engineer , Tallinn
Technical Support Engineer will be responsible for offering (third level) technical support to the customers. The work will be in normal business hours.
• Providing full scale product support to production and (potential) customers;
• Troubleshooting hardware and software issues;
• Liaison with internal departments to plan installations and upgrades;
• On-Site installations and maintenance;
• Preparing and maintaining documentation.
• Please send you CV in English.
• Knoweledge of networking, Win XP (platform), hardware (PC);
• Technical skills (Windows at Advanced level);
• Active and independent;
• Good customer care skills;
• Flexibility and willingness to travel abroad;
• Ability to work under pressure;
• Good spoken and written English;
• Team player.

3) System Analyst (AEGIS)
Job description, tasks:
• Analyze business requirements gathered from the market and product management in the company, derive use cases and functional flows, and build system requirements for R&D;
• Assist management on coordination of cross-R&D activities and internal projects, including aspects in release management and quality assurance;
• Maintaining knowledge about functionality and features of the product, internal and external interfaces.
• Excellent analytical thinking and ability to focus on details;
• High level of written and verbal communication in English is a must;
• Excellent interpersonal, teamwork and presentation skills;
• At least 3 years of experience in software development company, understanding of development methodologies and product life cycle;
• Background on technologies, programming languages and databases.

4) C++ DEVELOPER (PLATFROM) Work experience required 2-5 years
Job description:
• Development of Gaming Machine Platform:
• Communication with hardware through writing protocols;
• DirectX programming (DirectDraw, DirectShow);
• Various C++ programming, code refactoring.
• Please send your CV in English.
• Higher education in IT or Computer Science;
• Experience in C++ (at least 2 years);
• Good English (written and spoken);
• Experience in Windows Platform (Win32 API) Programming.

5) FLASH GRAPHICS DESIGNER Work experience required 2-5 years
Job description, tasks:
• Creates graphical solutions for casino games;
• Existing games vectorisation for Flash.
• Good knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash;
• Good written and spoken Estonian and English

6) FLASH DEVELOPER Languages required English
Work experience required 0-2 years
Job description, tasks:
• Developing the Flash client;
• According to the specification, writing new software and making changes in the existing software;
• Performing the initial testing of applications;
• Fixing defects in software according to the descriptions of the defects;
• Responsible for developing the Web client software (in Flash, ActionScript, HTML, JavaScript, and other languages, if necessary), designing the client applications and performing the initial testing of the solutions.
• Good knowledge of ActionScript, Java or a similar programming language;
• Good communication skills;
• Good verbal English.

В общем, если вы оказались в ситуации, когда необходимо подыскать новое «тепленькое местечко», подходите по критериям отбора, и, к тому же, заинтригованы звучанием голоса специалиста по персоналу, шлите свое CV (на английском языке) прямо сюда: или сразу же звоните: 646 0195


Видео: Антон Архипов. Языки предметной области.


Анонс встречи 25 26.02.2010

  1. вся интрига теперь это узнать как звучит голос специалиста по персоналу 🙂

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