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У нас в AdmiralMarkets открыта вакансия: PHP Project Manager

    Join us if…

  • You have considerable experience as a LAMP developer
  • You can write top-notch PHP code and you know your way around in JavaScript and MySQL
  • You can manage projects smoothly
  • You can organize people in different countries together to finish a project
  • You know how to meet deadlines
  • You are fluent in English
  • You are a nice person to work with

    Any of the following is a definite plus:

  • Knowledge about revision control, test automation, UNIX operating systems, experience with different design patterns
  • Experience with other programming languages and thus a broader understanding of software-development and its principles
  • Speak Estonian and/or Russian
  • Have expierence in project management or as a lead developer

Contact person: Andrew Karell (andrew ät admiralmarkets dot com)

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