devconfu 2014
Conference = new Conference(specialOffer for DevClub members);
specialOffer = 295 EUR + VAT
if (you buy ticket you will be at the conference of „serious imago");
   earlyBird price 475 EUR + VAT //you lose 180 EUR;
   fullPrice 590 EUR + VAT //you lose 295 EUR;
Decision = newDecision (wise to use special offer NOW!);
getYourTicket = click here //use promoCode ConFuFriend

Special Offer for DevClub members is valid till 14th of March or for limited amount of tickets!

tip “Did you know it takes ~10 sec. to display an average web site on a mobile device? Learn what to do about that at DevConFu.” — tip from our speaker Jon Arne Sæterås

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Keynote J. B. Rainsberger said:

DevConFu 2013 offered more variety of high-quality sessions than many conferences 5 times their size. If you want more than just hanging out with people who already agree with you, then I strongly recommend that you attend DevConFu!

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