Riga Dev Day всё ближе!

А между тем продолжается регистрация на Riga Dev Day, который пройдёт … в Риге. До 22 ноября ещё можно успеть отхватить билетик по скидочным ценам!

Расписание докладов уже доступно на сайте мероприятия: http://rigadevday.lv/index.html#schedule

Riga Dev Day

Riga Dev Day is a software development conference organised by three independent, non-profit local organizations: Java User Group, Oracle User Group and Google Development Group. Conference is going to take place in Multikino cinema on 22nd of January, 2015. It is the first time this conference brand takes place in Riga, Latvia, accumulating three years of previous experience of organizing similar events (Java Day Riga, Agile Riga Day, Harmony, Wildcard Conf). This is going to be one of the largest IT events in Baltic States welcoming 400+ participants and 25+ internationally acclaimed speakers presenting on 5 parallel tracks. Motto of the conference is “come, see, develop”, with the following themes:
● Java/JVM Development
● Oracle Technologies
● Web and Mobile Development
● DevOps and Development Tools
● Wearable and Embedded Programming

Conference content is highly technical and of interest to professional and beginner software developers of different specializations.

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